Keep your customers®

Sparked helps recurring payments businesses renew customers.

How does it work?

Customer Health Scores

It all starts with understanding the health of each customer segment, user, or account. After ingesting your data, we divide your customers into two buckets:

Fit Customers * Login often * See value * Spend more

Unfit Customers * Login sporadically * Aren’t using key features * Churn out

So then what?

Cultivating "Fit" customers

Sparked provides a tactics-testing framework for you to experiment with different methods (or "plays") to improve the health of your customers. Common customer fitness goals are:

Boost daily activity

Daily activity is the number one driver of success. More active customers are more successful. Sparked helps you boost daily actives.

Improve onboarding completion

A successful lifetime with your product begins at onboarding. Sparked helps you push more customers all the way through.

Discover and drive your "Magic Metric"

Famously, Facebook stated that growth was driven by users who "reached 7 friends in 10 days." Sparked helps you discover your "Magic Metric" and drive growth with it.

Support key user roles with high level of service

Some users need special attention such as C-level users or high value accounts. Sparked helps you track these special groups and give them TLC.

Reduce churn

Whether you've got a SaaS product, a hardware device, or an ad-supported service, Sparked helps you cut churn. It's the end result of your hard work.


“Smart and intuitive”

Val Ornoy, CEO of LifeAssist Technologies

“Clearest way to manage success”

Yos Goodman, CEO of NomadYOGI

“Up and running in 30 minutes”

Tony Diefell, CEO of AwesomeBox

Guaranteed to boost success

There are a lot of ways to boost success with Sparked. We expect that you'll succeed across many of your criteria. For the purposes of this guarantee, we'll look at one critical measure: daily actives (logins). If you haven't boosted your daily actives by 20% in 45 days, we will refund you. No questions.